How to Create Twelve Amazing Paper Textures

“Cut and Fold Paper Textures: Techniques for Surface Design” is written by Paul Jackson and published in 2017 by Laurence King Publishing. This book is one of a series written by Jackson that demonstrates paper-engineering techniques. Pop-up book enthusiasts might be familiar with Jackson’s earlier book “The Pop-up Book: Step-by-step Instructions for Creating Over 100 Original Paper Projects.”

This book shows twelve techniques and samples that use paper to create textured and dimensional surfaces. These methods are visually instinctive, easy to make and require no specialized origami or paper-engineering knowledge. While the photographs and color examples appear dated and not of high resolution, they do accurately illustrate the techniques.

The methods described in the book include making “paper string,” weaving, layering, coiling, tearing, bending, scoring and bending, crumpling, folding, cut pleats, stippling, and use of non-opaque materials. Each technique includes photographs of examples. White paper models describe each technique. Further examples use other materials to explore possibilities. Inspirational photographs show the same method used to create clothing, furniture, jewelry, homewares, and pieces of art.

While you can make everything in the book with a craft knife, the ideas presented have terrific potential when combined with a Cricut Maker. This book is an excellent reference for anyone who wants to add a textural dimension to their work or wants a visual aid to spark their creativity.

This book is in my personal library.  I consider it one of my “Must Have” resources both for providing technical information as well as inspiration for future projects.

Author: Gwen Zierdt

Writer, artist, maker